Our Values

  • Transparency
  • Affordability
  • Accountability
  • Objectivity

Industry News

28 August 2011

Ramadan spurs increase in CSR spending by companies in the UAE.

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August 24, 2011

11 Things We Learned From Gap's 2010 Social Responsibility Report

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Our Mission


The Conscious Shopper's mission is to leverage technology to encourage shoppers to make socially responsible purchases.

Our mission is two tiered:

  • Provide a tool for consumers to make more socially and environmentally conscious purchasing decisions
  • Provide an effective marketing tool for malls that attracts shoppers and improves the malls corporate responsibility


We envision a world where shoppers can have absolute information about all aspects of a product before making choices. We are striving to make the evaluation of companies objective, transparent, and accountable.

We envision a world where corporations are transparent about their operations to consumers,

  • cradle to grave/ product life cycle
  • accountability
  • where corporation are held fully accountable to their end consumer


We started the Conscious Shopper because as shoppers, we know how unaware we can be of environmental and social impacts that the products we are purchasing have, or how responsible the company we are supporting is with their revenue.

Large corporations are often the biggest perpetrators of environmental problems, and are frequently guilty of human rights or other social problems. In our free market economy, companies are only accountable to their end consumers, and as long as long as people are buying their products they have no incentive to change their practices. This application (app) will give shoppers transparency into companies, and allow shoppers' purchases to reflect their values. We hope this will incite companies to change the way they produce their goods so that they can reach higher targets in terms of environmental and social impacts, product responsibility, and affordability.