Making ethical shopping easyand rewarding for everyone.

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App Features

  • Store sales pushed directly to the phone.
  • Track user data for detailed market information.
  • Ranks brands based on individuals priorities.
  • Mall map for easy navigation.
  • Shopping list feature.

App Walkthrough

1. Setup a profile that prioritises your values: environmental, social, product, affordability

2. Search for a product, such as: Shoes, TVs, or Coffee

3. Browse the list of brands, which have been ranked based on your values

4. Select a brand, and see all stores in the mall that offer it, along with their hours and location.

5. Make an informed purchase that reflects your values


What's the benefit for brands?

We offer two advantages for brands, one we are making sure shoppers are making purchases based on accurate unbiased metrics of environmental and social impact, instead of marketing fluff or bad publicity that can take years to shake. Secondly, we are helping brands get the customers that they target, for example if you work on being environmentally friendly you will get shoppers that set environment as very important, alternatively if you focus on being the most affordable product you will get customers that set that as their highest priority.

What information are you collecting and why?

When shoppers install the app we ask for consent to anonymously collect some key information, such as metric priorities, brands and categories searched, and sales viewed. We collect this information so that we can help companies make decisions that accurately reflect the values and desires of their customers.

Who are you ranking?

The current version of the app will focus on ranking brands, and the companies that own them. We are not currently ranking the stores that supply them because we believe we can have the greatest impact by focusing on the brands. We don't yet have the capability to rank individual products

Why don't you use people's reviews?

One of our core values is objectivity, and that is why we rely on quantitative evaluations of brands instead of user sourced or opinion based evaluations. These methods are suseptible to marketing or media bias, and can be manipulated by competitors. We are striving to present accurate representations of companies and don't want these evaluations to be skewed by popular opinion.