We're partnering with malls tomake ethical shopping easy.

The App

Our Vision

We envision a world where shoppers can have absolute information about all aspects of a product before making choices. We are striving to make the evaluation of companies objective, transparent, and accountable.

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The Problem

Shoppers are demanding that the products they buy are environmentally and socially responsible, but it is hard to find an unbiased and reliable source of information when making a purchase.

People are left making purchases that don't reflect their own values, often rewarding companies that cut corners at the cost of the environment and exploitation of individuals.

As well as the shoppers problem, we are seeing malls under more pressure to compete with online shopping, and other malls in crowded urban environments. Malls are looking for innovative marketing tools to help draw in shoppers.

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Our Solution

We have created a smartphone app that helps shoppers make purchases that reflect their personal values. The app ranks brands based on a variety of transparent criteria, and then ranks them based on the user's profile.

The App is developed specific to a mall, and acts as a marketing tool that attracts new customers, drives traffic to lesser known stores, allows malls to join the accountable retailing movement, and offers near realtime market research.

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