Real Time Game Dashboard – jQuery, PHP, MySQL

I published 3 different socially minded games in 2012, but keeping track of how well all my different games were doing was tricky, so I built a quick dashboard that let me quickly check key stats for all three games.

Techy details on stat tracking AJAX, PHP, MySQL


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Techy stuff: All of my games make AJAX calls at certain milestones in the game, sending the device’s unique id, player’s score, and any other pieces of interesting info to a PHP page that inserts it into a MySQL database. The graphs below just pull data from these databases and aggregates and compiles it into a quick glance summary. The graphs use jQuery to look pretty(Based off of Derek Mack’s animated graph code ) and PHP for getting my data from the MySQL databases.
My app versions of the games can make the same AJAX calls, letting me track usage in a single place, instead of checking Google Analytics, App Developer Account(s) etc. It also gives me finer control over tracking player’s progression in the game.