Bibz – International Videogame

Bibz ( is an international videogame initiative I started by-youth for-youth; it blends art, education, and play to educate players about millennium development goals, the importance of education, gender equality and more. 150 kids in Ethiopia, Australia, Canada, and the US contributed to the game’s artwork, making everything from level designs to character animations. The profits from the game support an organization that works with orphans in Ethiopia: Beyond The Orphanage. We’ve had over 4,000 questions about millennium developments goals answered! See this blog post for the latest data. The project’s creativity garnered a lot of media attention and public interest, reaching the front page of Ottawa’s main newspaper, several TV appearances, and extensive web coverage.

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Technical Details

  • Xbox360 and PC version written in C#, using XNA.
  • HTML5 Web version built using Construct2
  • Built entire game including game design, code, artwork, and AI.
  • Built physics engine for player, projectile movement and collision.
  • Re-usable code written to run on both PC and X-Box 360
  • Did all UX and UI design.