Mission Videogame

In 2011, approximately 7,300 Ottawans were homeless.

This is the story of 4 of those Ottawans.


The Project

“Mission” is a videogame that tells the stories of 4 men from The Ottawa Mission, a homeless shelter in Ottawa. The character designs, item art, words, and even sound effects were all created by the 4 men whose journeys you experience. The project started in Septmeber 2012 and officially launched December 17th, 2012.

Click here to play Mission

(Turn on sound for the best experience.)

Left to Right: Jean, Gordon, Andre, Roger

Left to Right: Jean, Gordon, Andre, Roger

The game was designed and developed by myself in partnership with writer/designer Grant McLaughlin, and with the support of Ottawa Community Arts, The Ottawa Mission and of course the 4 men who’s stories and art we share: Andre, Jean, Gordon, and Roger.

I had 3 goals in developing this game:

  1. Empower Andre, Jean, Gordon, and Roger by giving them an opportunity to share their lives and express themselves through art.
  2. Combat the ignorance and stigmas around homelessness by giving the general public some insight into who the 7,300 homeless Ottawans are.
  3. Highlight the importance of having social programs like The Ottawa Mission.

The Game

Mission Dream LevelThe game features 4 episodes,  each telling the tale of one of the men and takes you on a journey to reach 3 significant milestones from their lives.

Each level also has 3 hidden items that have sentimental value to the storyteller.

When you finish an episode, you get to play a fantastical dream level that symbolizes the feeling of the artist’s best day at The Ottawa Mission. These dream levels each feature a unqiue ‘dream power’ such as the ability to flip gravity or rotate the world’s blocks.


 Download ‘Mission’ Windows 8  App.
with touch support




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Report Card on Ending Homelessness in Ottawa, Jan-Dec 2011 – http://www.endhomelessnessottawa.ca/homelessness/2011_Report_Card.cfm

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