PhoneGap 3.0 Background Location Tracker

Technologies: PhoneGap 3.0, JavaScript,(jQuery AJAX), PHP, MySQL

Nick Breen and myself were recently contracted to build a cross-platform app as part of an awesome art piece for Ottawa’s upcoming evening art festival: Nuit Blanche. The artist was super awesome and agreed to let us open source the app we were contracted to make, I hope it of use to you.

The App: Tracks a user’s movements, even if the app is in the background, and then sends this data to a server in JSON.

Git Repo:

App Core Features

  • Run on iOS and Android.
  • Track user’s movement and send GPS co-ords to server.
  • Run in the background.
  • Limit server uploads and GPS checks for max battery life.
  • Provide Network, GPS, and Submit status updates.
  • Meets iOS ui standards for appstore. (TBD)

Project Specific Features

  • Users have a passcode they are given ahead of time to gain access to the app.
  • Some passcodes have the privilege of extra features, such as # people in a group.
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