Steal My Idea: browse, submit, steal awesome ideas

I’m happy to announce Steal My Idea ( ) has just launched! Steal My Ideas is an e-library of business and social enterprise ideas that are free for anyone to browse, submit, or steal.

There are many brilliant ideas out there from people who don’t have the time or resources to implement them (Think about all the projects by design and engineering students). Conversely, there are many large organizations with resources, but starved of creative ideas. With Steal My Idea we hope to bridge this gap.

The website provides a structure that makes submitting and browsing ideas quick and easy. We also seriously limit description lengths to make each idea ‘skimmable’. Indicators such as ‘social impact’ and ‘time to market’ allows users to filter and compare ideas focused on their interests.

The project is a collaboration with my dear friend, and serial business partner, Nick Breen. We each have a notebook filled with ideas that we will never do anything with, so we figured we could either selfishly let them die in our notebooks or share them with the world. That is how ‘Steal My Idea’ came to be.

Check out the website, submit your own ideas, and let us know what you think.

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