video: ‘Bieber or Idle’ design with Balsamiq

Wire framing is the best part of making an app. Nothing is concrete yet, anything can be added or removed in seconds. It’s all about taking the user’s requirements and your team’s solution and trying to reconcile them in the form of software. By far my favourite tool for wire framing and designing is pencil and paper (this is not an app, I mean actual pencil and paper), you’re not restricted or biased by what your design software encourages, ie. representational determinism (further reading: HCI slides from Waterloo )

..but no one can read my handwriting, emailing pictures of my sketches sucks, and version control becomes a nightmare, so what to do? If you go straight to Photoshop/inDesign it’s slow and everyone gets distracted by things not being colourful or pretty enough. The solution is Balsamiq  a super-awesome easy to use tool that makes wire framing a breeze, and offers support for most version control systems.

I made a short video of me designing the “Justin Bieber or IdleNoMore” app in Balsamiq to give you a sense of what it’s capable of.

Final App


Original post and source code: “Justin Bieber or IdleNoMore”