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How to setup a PhoneGap 3.4 App in 5 min

As of about a year ago I switched over from native development to almost exclusively PhoneGap. It makes development faster, easier, and more fun.¬†This article outlines how to create a fast and beautiful PhoneGap 3.4 app in 5 min. The steps should be the same for other 3.X versions of PhoneGap. You can also use […]

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Should You build Phonegap or Native?

Most start-ups and independent developers run into the same question: Should I use PhoneGap or native to develop my app? Short answer I chose PhoneGap and I’m happy with the results. PhoneGap used to be slow, but v3.0 , released mid 2013, is fast. On modern devices the performance is comparable to native. Final result, […]

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PhoneGap 3.0 Background Location Tracker

Technologies: PhoneGap 3.0, JavaScript,(jQuery AJAX), PHP, MySQL Nick Breen and myself were recently contracted to build a cross-platform app as part of an awesome art piece for Ottawa’s upcoming evening art festival: Nuit Blanche. The artist was super awesome and agreed to let us open source the app we were contracted to make, I hope […]

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Phonegap 3.0 + Leaflet + Offline maps

I am working on an app that requires offline maps for a known region, in my case the city of Ottawa. I am using Phonegap 3.0 for app development, Leaflet.js as my mapping library, and¬†MobileAtlasCreator to download my tile package. I have my code working and have created a git repo here: https://github.com/davidrs/phonegap-3.0-leaflet Step 1: […]

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